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Microcirculation Analysis Software

Total Vessel Density ( mm/mm )


Total Vessel Density

The Total Vessel Density is a


parameter which can assess the


oxygen delivery capacity, reserve


capacity, angiogenesis,


vasodilation/constriction and fluid



Perfused Vessel Density mm/mm )


Perfused Vessel Density

The Perfused Vessel Density is


parameter derived by scoring 


all vessel in the field of view a


0-3. This parameter


is primarily sensitive to cases of


septic and hemorrhagic shock.

Leukocyte Quantification

Leukocyte Quantification

Leukocytes can be seen


circulating within post capillary


venules and can be monitored


and quantified useing space time


diagrams. Activated leukocytes 


can also be quantified.

Oxygen Delivery Capacity mm / s )


The Capillary hematocrit and red


blood cell velocity will indicate

the oxygen delivery capacity of


the microcirculation and is


measured for all vessels in the


field of view.

Example videos